Über uns

Beratung & Sprechstunden
Sprechstunde bei
Prof. Paul Illmer
jeden Montag
von 13:00 bis nach Bedarf (längstens 16:30 Uhr)
in der FSS (über der Mensa).
(Bitte auch auf die News achten - im Fall von Änderungen!) ACHTUNG: Aktuelle Informationen zu den Sprechstunden-Zeiten.

StV-Beratung Biologie:
Dienstag - Donnerstag (13:00 - 16:00), FStV Natwi im EG des Bauinginieurgebäudes, Bereich Süd, hinter dem Lernzentrum (in Ferien nach Vereinbarung)

StV-Beratung Lehramt Biologie:
Montag 14:30 - 15:30, FStV Natwi

Bei Fragen könnt ihr euch auch via email an uns wenden.


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    Projektstelle in Innsbruck / Tirol mit 10 Wochenstunden

    Anforderung: organisatorisches Talent, fachliches Fundament und Teamfähigkeit
    Aufgabe: Organisation von Veranstaltungen (vom Fleyer über den Referentenkontakt bis zur Abrechnung und Evaluierung)
    Inhalt: „Natur im Garten“ für private Gartenbesitzer und für Gemeinden (öffentlicher Grünraum) aufbereiten
    Arbeitgeber: Tiroler Bildungsforum – Forum blühendes Tirol

    Umfang: 10 Wochenstunden flexibel über das Jahr verteilt
    Fachliche Ausrichtung: Landschaftsplaner, Landschaftsplanerin oder Biologe, Biologin oder Gartenbauer oder vergleichbares; EDV-Kenntnisse und Führerschein von Vorteil
    Projektzeitraum: 3 Jahre

    Bewerbungsunterlagen: formloses Schreiben und Lebenslauf
    Bewerbungsfrist bis: 11.12. 2015

    Arbeitsbeginn: 1.1. oder 1.2.2016
    Dienstort: Innsbruck, Arbeitsbereich Bundesland Tirol

    Bewerbung und Auskunft: DI Clemens Enthofer, Forum blühendes Tirol, clemens.enthofer@tirol.gv.at, 0043 512 508 3842
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    Gesucht: diplomierten Fachmann im Bereich Biologie, Biophysik, Biochemie für ein 5* Hotel in Kitzbühel
    Aufgabengebiet: Arbeit mit medizinischen Therapiegeräten der Erhaltungsmedizin/Richtung Biologie
    (Kosten für das bestimmte Training, um die Handhabung mit vorhandenen Geräten vertraut zu machen, wird vom INTECO Management übernohmen)

    Für Fragen steht das INTECO Management unter 0043 1 512 8090 oder office@inteco.ag zur Verfügung.
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    The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) is looking for highly qualified candidates from all over the world to apply for our ISTScholar PhD program. We offer fully-funded PhD positions in the natural and mathematical sciences in a world-class research environment on the outskirts of Vienna.

    Our PhD program is characterized by innovative training with a special focus on interdisciplinarity, close mentoring by outstanding faculty within small research groups, and access to first-rate facilities. Students spend the first year completing coursework and rotations before choosing a thesis group and passing the qualifying exam. Our PhD graduates have gone on to top positions in academia and industry all over the world.

    Students with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in biology, neuroscience, mathematics, computer science, physics, and related areas are encouraged to apply. We offer internationally competitive salaries co-funded by an EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant, full health benefits, and on-campus housing in the first year. The program is conducted entirely in English.

    For more information about the ISTScholar PhD program and application process, as well as faculty profiles, please visit our website at http://ist.ac.at/graduate-school, or come to our Student Open Day on November 20th: register at: http://ist.ac.at/studentopenday

    The deadline for PhD applications is January 8th 2016 for a start date in September 2016.

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    Win €135k to realise your healthcare business idea!

    Applications are open NOW until 1st DEC 2015!

    This is a call to all individuals with an innovative idea that could tackle humanity's most pressing healthcare needs.
    OneStart offers young entrepreneurs the chance to win €135k, free lab space and on-going advice from our extensive mentor network drawn from McKinsey & Co., Johnson & Johnson Innovation, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, SR One, Takeda Ventures and more.
    Many of our graduates have been successful in securing follow-on investment, our alumni raising over €27 million combined!
    There is no cost to apply, and applications are open NOW until 1st Dec, 2015.
    Learn more at onestart.co today and start building your winning team.

    Who should participate?
    Anyone under 36 years old interested in healthcare entrepreneurship.
    We welcome applicants from all disciplines and ideas at all stages of development - from a simple idea to a startup with ample data. Moreover we encourage applicants to recruit other scientists, engineers, business students, lawyers, and anyone else with talent and motivation to join your team. Have a fantastic idea but no co-founders; why not assemble your team through our co-founder hub, connecting innovators across the globe.

    How does it work?
    Again, there is no cost to apply.
    Simply fill out our short 2-page application form. Why not check out our article on what makes a great application with our TOP 5 TIPS on how to reach the semi-finals.
    Applications are reviewed in Dec 2015 and 35 semi-finalist teams are selected to attend a two-day Biotech Bootcamp based in London on 5th and 6th Feb 2016. Consisting of workshops and networking opportunities with our mentors and partners. Each team also receives 1-on-1 mentorship from our industry experts over 7 weeks. The programme ends with the Finals Gala in London on 18th May 2016, at which 10 exceptional finalist teams compete for the grand prize (€135k and free lab space).

    Who will you be working with?
    You'll be directly interacting with experts across healthcare and life sciences drawn from pharma, biotech, venture capital, management consulting and more.
    Learn more about why individuals such as Matt Foy a partner at SR One (the corporate venture capital arm of GlaxoSmith Kline) and Lynne Murray from MedImmune (the worldwide biologics division of AstraZeneca), are involved with the programme on our OneStart Blog.
    If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch via jess@oxbridgebiotech.com or reach us through our dedicated discussion forum.

    What are you waiting for? Visit http://www.onestart.co today. Applications are open NOW. There is still plenty of time to apply. Remember no concept is too early stage.
    We can't wait to hear about your ideas.

    Best wishes,


    Jess Sutcliffe
    Marketing Director, OneStart 2016
    PhD Candidate, University College London
    Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
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    THE INTERNATIONAL SPANISH LANGUAGE ALLIANCE OF ARGENTINA, is pleased to announce 10 Partial Scholarships to study Spanish in Argentina at Argentine Culture http://www.argentineculture.org

    Für mehr Infomationen siehe / For more information visit: http://www.scholarshipsargentina.org

    Application: http://scholarshipsargentina.org/application-form/

    The Super Intensive Spanish program is designed for people who want to learn Spanish language in as short a time as possible. As an educational institution, one of objectives is to promote the Spanish language in the world. This course is recommended for serious students who want to make the most of their time abroad to achieve a good language level in Spanish.

    What does the Super-Intensive Spanish Program include?

    · Pre- Arrival Spanish Test
    · Welcome package
    · Airport meets and transfer service on arrival*
    · Orientation
    · Guided orientation walk through the city
    · 2-week Intensive Full Spanish Cultural Immersion course
    · 80 Lessons in Total - 60 lessons of Spanish language & 20 Cultural lessons.
    · Communicative language teaching focuses on interaction
    · Homestay in a furnished single or shared room of a house or flat. Living with local students, grandmothers or young working people.
    · Breakfast and dinner (Half board)
    · Museums visits
    · Cine Argentino & workshop
    · Argentinean Wine tasting
    · Seminar on Cross-cultural studies
    · Seminar on Argentine history
    · Seminar on culture of Argentina
    · Seminar on social security system in Argentina
    · Seminar on Argentine Music
    · Tango Show and Classes
    · Free Internet access - WI FI
    · Audio and video rooms
    · Free coffee, tea and refrigerated water
    · Time Schedule: mornings and afternoons
    · ​Study materials over 120 pages
    · 2 tests during the course and end of course exam
    · Certification with level archived
    · 24-hour emergency phone line
    · Local mentor
    · All administrative and registration fees, tax and civil liability insurance


    · All roundtrip Airfare
    · Personal expenses ( should think of 8 - 10 dollars a day for personal use)
    · Personal travels and tranfers during and outside of program dates
    · Laundry service
    · Entertainment expenses including beverages and personal purchases
    · Expenses for medical and other emergencies
    · Urban transport
    · Health insurance
    · Visa fees
    · Lunch, merienda or snacks
    · Shuttle Bus service on departure

    Total Program Fees with a PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP: USD 550 / € 500

    At the moment there are only PARTIAL scholarships only in Córdoba city. The total costs of participation with the Partial Scholarship is U$S 550 (US Dollars) and includes: Spanish and cultural courses, accommodation, half-board, school activities, study material, certification, administrative and registration fees, tax and civil liability and medical emergency insurance.

    For more information please contact info@scholarshipsargentina.org or info@argentineculture.org
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    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    Das Amgen Scholars Programm bietet jeden Sommer 100 ausgewählten Studenten aus ganz Europa die Chance, an Forschungsprojekten an einigen der führenden europäischen Bildungsinstituten teilzunehmen.

    Derzeit bieten diese fünf hochrangigen Gastuniversitäten in Europa dieses Sommerforschungsprogramm an:

    · ETH Zürich, Schweiz

    · Institut Pasteur, Frankreich

    · Karolinska Institutet, Schweden

    · Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, Deutschland

    · University of Cambridge, Großbritannien

    Europäische Studenten haben außerdem die Möglichkeit, sich für das Amgen Scholars Japan Programm zu bewerben.

    Der Bewerbungsprozess für das Amgen Scholars Programm 2016 startet bereits Anfang November.

    Jede Gastuniversität hat einen eigenen Bewerbungsprozess, aber die Deadline für die Bewerbung an allen Universitäten ist Anfang Februar 2016. Detaillierte Informationen zum Programm und zu den Bewerbungsmöglichkeiten finden Sie unter http://www.amgenscholars.eu.

    Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie unter Ihren Studierenden auf unser Programm aufmerksam machen würden. Gerne können Sie auch die beigefügte E-Card und den Flyer an interessierte Personenkreise weiterleiten.

    Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte an das Amgen Scholars European Coordinating Centre unter der Rufnummer +44 (0) 1223 766 878 oder per E-Mail an: amgenecc@admin.cam.ac.uk.

    Mit besten Grüßen

    Anna Mocker

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    Myzus persicae (the green peach aphid) is a highly successful generalist insect, capable of feeding on hundreds of plant species, including various important crops such as wheat, rice and potato. Part of success of this aphid is thought to be down to its ability to suppress the host plant’s defence. We know that aphid feeding results in the generation of defence signals in plants that leads to defence gene induction (1), but the link between the initial feeding, this signalling, and gene induction remains unclear. This project will use a combination of approaches to start to unravel this mystery.

    Calcium is known to act as a stress signal in plants, spreading throughout tissues upon the perception of a stimulus (2). Through the use of fluorescent reporters we can track these signals in response to aphids, and through the transcriptomics we can identify the downstream defence induction. In this project, the candidate will use the electrophysiology technique electro-penetration graph (EPG) to measure and quantify aphid feeding behaviour. Using microscopy, the candidate will track the calcium signals initiated by such feeding, and using the latest transcriptomic techniques they will help identify the key defence genes activated during this interaction. As such, the candidate will receive a broad training in insect and plant genetics, electrophysiology, molecular and cellular biology, and the analysis of large data sets.

    Prof. Saskia Hogenhout, PhD
    Email: saskia.hogenhout@jic.ac.uk

    Project Leader
    Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
    John Innes Centre
    Norwich Research Park
    Norwich, NR4 7UH
    United Kingdom

    Phone: +44 (0)1603 450393
    Fax: +44 (0)1603 450045

    Web site: https://www.jic.ac.uk/staff/saskia-hogenhout/
  • Projektstudie zu vergeben:
    Die Arbeitsgruppe Haller sucht laufend motivierte, flexible und selbständige Studenten welche sich für eine Zellbiologische/Physiologische Projektstudie interessieren.
    Nach einer erfolgreichen Projektstudie könnte eine Bak-Arbeit oder Masterarbeit angehängt werden.
    Thema: Lungenphysiologie und Surfactantforschung
    Methode: Zellkultur und Fluoreszenz Mikroskopie (TIRF und Live Cell Imaging), Mikrofuidic, 3-D Modelle, Molekularbiologische Methoden
    Profil: Vereinbarung laut Studienplan jedoch keine spezifischen Vorkenntnisse nötig.
    Kontakt: Nina.Hobi@i-med.ac.at