PhD-Position in Diabetes research with the Model Zebrafish – Institut for Molecular Biology

4-year PhD Position in Diabetes research with the Model Zebrafish

The Institute for Molecular Biology at the University Innsbruck is seeking a highly motivated student to join our molecular and genetic studies on the differentiation of insulin producing beta-cells. Our research is aimed to define and understand the evolutionary conserved transcriptional networks regulating specification, maturation and functionality of beta-cells.

Practical work will include:

  • Reverse genetics and transgenesis in zebrafish
  • Confocal in vivo imaging
  • Single-cell and whole-organism transcriptomics
  • Molecular embryology

The position requires:

  • Master/Diplom in Biology (or in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Molecular Medicine)
  • Practical experience in molecular biology (cloning, DNA/RNA analyses, qPCR..)
  • Good background in molecular genetics

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